much needed figure practice

Ouch. (Don't get me wrong, it was fun doing it. Just the results were painful). Hopefully this is the start of a more consistent study of the figure. Need to look back at anatomy references... especially hands--ugh. My figures are very uninformed as of now, but hopefully I'll see some progress soon (or even a de-evolution, back to my days under Albert's instruction) now that I have a nice and willing model, as well as access to weekly drawing sessions.

Had a conversation last night about my artwork, and how it's only part of the balance of my life. I'm not devoted wholly enough (what with my full-time job, decent social life, and desire to occasionally just "chill") to get to the point where I'm actually producing the amount or quality of work that I can myself respect. Strange realization.
Do any artists like their work, though? Isn't that what "keeps you going" or something? Or is it ultimately futile-- if you can't fully commit at least, are you doomed to mediocrity? A constantly shifting but lateral movement?
I think a lot of artists hear way too much positive reinforcement, despite lack of real talent or skill. Because, sadly, there will always be someone (whether it be a nice friend or family member or an uninformed stranger) that will like or see merit in awful art, and serve to reassure these people that the fruits of their so-called creativity actually amount to anything worthwhile. So I'm sometimes wary of these words. Of course, when coming from people/artists that I really respect, they do hold great value to me. Even if it's only said because they like me as a person. FINE I'll take it!
At the end of the day I'm not sure which kind of acceptance I'd even care to achieve. Pleasing myself or my following? I just want to look at and smear around pretty colors, and look at naked people and bridges and sunsets, and hopefully that desire will someday get me to the point where I can go abroad and travel with and for my art. And maybe one day I'll be free of sin, too. HA
So, yeah... Onward!
or something like that.
But perhaps there is no need for progress to achieve happiness. Hard work, friendship, and the flow of time should cover all my bases. Right?

::End of transmission::

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  1. I agree, and sympathize - especially with your last statement! : )


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