open studio + the hat

Richmond Magazine's illustrious writer Harry Kollatz, Jr. did a blog post on his Arts & Entertainment blog "The Hat" about MISC and the Open Studio (last Friday).  Take a gander... On Mayo Island [last Friday]

Some photos from the Open Studio, scanned in from some crappy glossy prints. Hey, did you know Ritz is going under? Yeah, don't try to get in some last minute business, 'cause the employees have totally checked out. Anyway, more photos coming soon!

My studio hasn't been this organized all year.
R to L: Larry (cre8ordie), Kaiser Soze, Jon Phillip Sheridan, and other excited folk.

R to L: 2003 iMac, Kaiser Soze, Maddie, E.A. Poe, and "white woman's dream catcher"
celebrating the custom sign job with Tom Condon.

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