Quirk Gallery hosted Supersketch, their first live drawing event.  My first time participating in such an event. I'd say it went well. No tears, plus I sold this fox drawing to a pretty lady! 

This was a lesser successful, misguided drawing that made a few people uncomfortable (nipples--nooo!!) So I gave my model a shame-shawl (who is NOT me, by the way... sorry I obsessively give people my hair cut and color, even when it's not what the actual model has in any way. I'm working on it.)

4 thoughts on “Supersketches

  1. I really like your use of color and textures, especially with the fox.

  2. Hey Kristy! Good to meet you last night, those drawings turned out so great!!

  3. Thank you, Autumn!

    Sara, it was great meeting you as well! I love your aesthetic, and also T. Rex :) Hope to run into you again sometime soon!

  4. the fox rox!! heh heh (I'm lame.)


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