Fecal Face, Photo of the day, 11/18 & 11/19

Had a couple photos featured on one my favorite art sites, fecal face.

Took this after leaving a wedding I'd shot in North Carolina.  Pulled over and shined my headlights to the side of the road to get some light on this guy, which made him a little aggro. Best part was the (apparent) owner across the street who was yelling at me about how this goat was dangerous and hungry and some other stuff I couldn't understand because his hick accent was so thick. It was dark where he was standing so I couldn't really see him, but I'm pretty sure that he was holding a shotgun.

Taken on a solo night hike in the Las Vegas desert out by Red Rock Canyon.  My sister's neighborhood butts right up to this, so I packed up a bag with my camera, on camera flash, some cigarettes, a beer, and a couple bottles of water. Also took mace because my brother-in-law had recently spotted a mountain lion in the area. I only went a mile or less out but the air is so dry and windy, I was immediately parched. Took some long exposure photos of the mountains (which weren't so great) and flash photos of the large yet adorable cacti all around. I later used these photos for reference in some drawings, which you can see in some blog posts below.

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