ghost artist - on tv!

What is a ghost artist, you ask? Probably a poltergeist; stacking chairs can be real poetry. But in this case, I'm using it describe my role in an upcoming pilot episode for a national broadcasting network.

One of the characters in this show is a young artist, and they chose my work to represent her on-screen art and studio (they rented my art supplies as well as the artwork itself). The image above is the studio space they created for the set - complete with my sketchbooks, paints, pens, paintings (several of which are from high school and I hadn't seen in years), table, etc.

I got to spend a day on set a couple weeks ago to help instruct the actress on how to look natural in a drawing/painting/studio environment. She was very sweet and not at all as hopeless as she seemed to think. For the sake of everyone involved - including myself - I hope this pilot is a success!

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  1. That's awesome exposure for your work Kristy!


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